Thursday, April 24, 2014

Remembering and Forgetting

So we're off! However, what would a trip be without a few hiccups? Planning went wonderful, but how is the oft-repeated line? "If want God to laugh, tell God your plans."

Well, packing wasn't as productive as I would have hoped, but it did get done. All the assortment of things to bring were remembered. I didn't feel pressured though behind schedule after being exhausted last night. Even when I missed the first ground shuttle in the morning and the second would arrive too late, why worry? I can't control the past and what is set ahead is set. Luckily some fellow travelers and friends had an open seat! Deo gratias!

Stress is less about control and more about understanding what can be control and leaving the little things to the One Who Is. En route and with friends! God provides!

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