Friday, April 25, 2014

Goedenmorgen, Amsterdam!

It was a beautiful flight into Amsterdam this morning. The morning began so beautifully with the morning mist and the sun burning through over the runway as we exited our first plane. This was my first experience of Europe. It was as breathtaking as could be—a European morning.

Schiphol was, the longer I stayed more confounding. I found it to be a maze and putting me in circles even after speaking with the airlines, who sent me in the wrong non-"Schengen" section... to nearly end of the terminal. I must have walked it several times until with just minutes to spare, doing my best "Home Alone" in Europe impression, got through security for the Schengen area and to my gate. Along the way one older couple I presume to be on my flight—they too were looking in on the fishbowl of the downstairs gate—was lost, and, at present, I can only hope (though seriously doubt) they made it. I also had the fine chance to run stride for stride with a young Finnish woman as she was frantically attempting to make her earlier  flight in the maze that is Scihphol. Such is the case of international travel, but I made it. Thanks be to God!

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  1. *sigh* I miss Amsterdam. Love that city. If I hadn't experienced the airport chaos of France and observed in Germany how airports SHOULD be organized, I never would have figured out Schipol. Good for you!!! Lol ;) Plus, this makes enjoyable travelogue reading for your blog followers. I'm loving this!